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POOL4TOOL Workflow Management

POOL4TOOL enables flexible and consistent workflows across all departmental and corporate boundaries. POOL4TOOL Workflow Management is your link between all processes and connecting them with workflow engines and tickets. 

Each company has certain internal processes regulated by guidelines and requirements to ensure that processes work. When introducing an eSolution it is often difficult to create an exact replica of these processes. It is essential that the necessary information is collected from certain individuals or departments and is then dispersed to the proper places. 

POOL4TOOL offers you a flexible system that you can request virtually any type of information and forward this information, with the help of workflows, to the proper people (i.e. as an FYI or for approval, etc.). Mapping logistical business processes in the system takes more than just a simple solution. 

Workflow based approvals are of great important when it comes to processes such as supplier registration and eProcurement. In global companies, where location and interdepartmental approval processes are common, workflow management reduces manual processing significantly. 

POOL4TOOL Workflow Management represents a fundamental building block when it comes to designing customized processes. We are happy to pass along our best practice experience from other projects along to our customers. With help of workflow management and with the use of flexible workflows we are also able to provide software tailored to customers individual needs, without the need for separate programming. The linking of modules and customized process adaptations are seen by our clients as a complete advantage.