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Software as a Service

For purchasing solutions the trend is undeniably going in the direction of cloud computing and SaaS solutions (Software as a Service). About 90% of the new purchasing applications on the market include SaaS offerings. As a pioneer of eProcurement POOL4TOOL was designed from the beginning as a SaaS solution, unlike our competitors who first offered an application. POOL4TOOL, in its early stages in 2000, was the only provider in the market who payed attention to the cloud concept. Similarly, the modular design of the solution shows the innovation of the company. Our tested and certified product portfolio is based on a modern system infrastructure that guarantees the highest data-speed available. 

Leasing instead of Buying

POOL4TOOL is a Web 2.0 based SaaS solution. This means your employees and suppliers just need an internet browser to use our solution. No expensive investment in system infrastructure is needed. 98% of our customers use POOL4TOOL as a SaaS solution. In order to guarantee high availability and redundancy, we constantly invest in the security of our infrastructure and operate permanently monitoring the systems. 

Modular Design - Modular Pricing

With POOL4TOOL you only pay for the solutions you need. You have cost security at all times. Fewer internal IT resources are needed as we take over the implementation, maintenance and support full ERP integration with POOL4TOOL. The monthly user fee always contains the prorated license, hardware and infrastructure costs as well as maintenance and support fees. 

System Infrastructure

POOL4TOOL has a modern, tailored to high-availability infrastructure. The reliability of our system ensures a fully redundant hardware setup, which is housed in various locations in the data center under Tier 3+ classification. The components of all locations are permanently and continuously monitored by our systems engineering team using a powerful real-time monitoring system. On request, we are also able to provide our customers with regular SLA reports. 

Maximum Data Speeds - Worldwide

In 2008 due to the large number of international users and the increasing dynamism of the contents of POOL4TOOL we connected the application to the globally distributed server network, Akamai. The dynamic IP routing and caching enables for a higher speed of data transmission as well as faster downloading of online content. Therefore we ensure efficient transmission of content - even with high data traffic. In contrast to locally installed supplier portals, your employees and business partners can access the data globally at no additional cost with the same short access times. A high-tech load balancing system also ensures a uniform server load.