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SAP Competence Center | Customizing & Integration

Our core competence is the development of standard interfaces as well as the realization of customer-specific requirements (e.g. the transfer of Z fields). Our SAP Competence Center carries out all adjustments, such as the adaptation of document types and the configuration of condition-based rates, partner agreements and the ALE distribution model, in close coordination with your managers responsible for IT. Upon request, we also take care of customizing the SAP system and/or integrating processes to upstream and downstream SAP workflow processes.

Our team of experienced SAP experts accompanies you with their necessary expert knowledge in

  • the technical implementation of POOL4TOOL
  • the optimization of processes connected with POOL4TOOL’s introduction across the various SAP modules
  • the first takeover of developments (transport management)
  • fine-tuning in customizing
  • configuring the EAI tool

Middleware Integration

To integrate POOL4TOOL in your ERP System, some integration middleware (also called EAI tool, Enterprise Application Integration) is needed, such as SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI), SAP Process Integration (PI) or SAP Business Connector (BC). The use of products different from SAP, such as Biztalk, Seeburger and ACTIS, is also possible. This middleware serves as an interface from the customer’s intranet to POOL4TOOL on the internet. The information to be transferred to and from POOL4TOOL is almost always exchanged through XML data in IDoc format, using the delivered interfaces. In this process, we usually employ proprietarily developed IDocs, but partially also standard IDocs. Depending on the interface used, the data exchange is realized as a real time synchronization, i.e. updated data are immediately transferred to the other system, or through batch synchronization. In the latter case, data updates are assessed, and when necessary, the transfer is launched.

Web Services

A corresponding WebService on POOL4TOOL's side receives the data and processes it. Here, the middleware only plays the role of a router; complex mappings and conversions are not required. As the IDocs are automatically converted in XML and vice versa, the configuration effort of the middleware as well as the implementation and maintenance costs remain very low.