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Strategic Purchasing

Design and Rollout of Lead Buyer Concepts

We understand strategic procurement as a process, and we support you with this mentality. Our solutions support all processes of the implementation of a global procurement strategy and your lead buyer concept to strategic purchasing controlling. Especially in core areas of strategic purchasing - supplier development as well as the awarding process - we offer comprehensive functionality for all requirements. 

Modern material group strategy contains not only supplier selection and development but also many other criteria, such as bundling strategy, logistics integration and assessment criteria for supplier evaluation. 75% of our clients choose us to globalize their material group strategy. POOL4TOOL supports global implementation of this strategy and intertwines lead buyer concepts and project purchasers with engineering, logistics and quality departments. The modular design and integration with upstream and downstream modules of POOL4TOOL allows you to implement processes in SRM as well as in sourcing based on your material group specific requirements. 

Supplier Risk Management is an integral part of strategic purchasing. POOL4TOOL provides you with opportunity risk information such as financial and quality benchmarks. The efficient interaction of supplier management and risk management makes your decisions certain and contributes to lasting success of the company. 

What Sets us Apart

  • Globally standardized communication of your purchasing strategy
  • Global control of your material group strategy
  • Consistent implementation of your lead buyer concepts per commodity
  • Comprehensive information for giving projects to suppliers
  • High process efficiency due to the linking of upstream and downstream modules