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Operative Process Optimization

Logistics and Quality Processes using WebEDI/EDI

A lean supply chain with optimized logistics processes, such as shipping notes including label printing or Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is now only possible with a continuous, electronic data exchange. Frequently recurring, operational processes in sourcing tie up resources and cause disproportionately high litigation costs, with a negative impact on the product price. A competitive global position may be jeopardized. 

60% of our clients use our solutions to support their logistics processes. Through the use of POOL4TOOL you can replace manual work, automate operations, eliminate common sources of errors and improve the overall process quality. Costs can be rapidly reduced by automating the order and carrying it out electronically using Purchase Order Management (POM) as the purchasing manager is exclusively involved only in the case of process deviations. A new capacity is thus created that can be used for other value-adding activities. 

The integration and media mapping of all processes along the supply chain leads to a complete system documentation. The process quality for the entire procurement logistics sector is dramatically increased and, in the case of an audit, all relevant data can be transparently provided with the click of a button. 

POOL4TOOL increases the level of automation and transparency of your logistics and quality processes. To simplify integration of suppliers and communication, POOL4TOOL offers the possibility for your supplier to connect either by WebEDI or EDI connection. Information can be sent and received regardless of format. With over 100,000 connected suppliers and more than 200,000 transaction conducted daily, POOL4TOOL is now one of the largest WebEDI/EDI service providers on the market. The entire document approval process and change management is centrally conducted using the Document Approval Exchange Module. Sending large documents using E-Mail is not required. 

What Sets us Apart

  • Consistent mapping of all processes for the entire supply chain
  • Supplier integration via WebEDI/EDI using a single source
  • Complimentary use of all POOL4TOOL WebEDI processes for the supplier
  • Central and complete documentation of all logistics and quality processes
  • Simple and non-format-dependent data and document exchange with business partners