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Indirect Procurement

Continuous Procure-to-Pay Process for each Requirement

POOL4TOOL offers numerous process variants to automate management of your C-Parts and service procurement thus reducing costs significantly. The POOL4TOOL solution for eProcurement includes flexible solutions ranging from Purchase Order Requisition (PREQ) to invoice integration - we cover the entire Procure-to-Pay process. 40% of our clients have already chosen our successful methodology for both direct and indirect purchasing materials and services.

If online catalogs are still being used in your organization for request processes, new concepts must be implemented in order to ensure competitiveness. With POOL4TOOL Streamlined all of your requests can be procured by simply using a shopping cart, a tendering tool and a workflow system. Specifications for the items can easily be added in the shopping cart. An RFQ will be automatically started, which will be sent to the default suppliers for the respective commodity. This represents the basis for our material group strategy and individual approval workflows. As user, company and authorization information only needs to be entered once, running costs are dramatically lower than when using individual systems for direct and indirect purchasing. 

What Sets us Apart

  • POOL4TOOL supports all steps from creating a purchase requisition (PREQ) to invoicing using an integrated workflow (Procure-to-Pay)
  • The requestor of C-parts can independently create good receipts in POOL4TOOL
  • POOL4TOOL Streamlined: Complex non-catalog products and services can easily be summarized by the requestor in a single shopping cart
  • Maverick buying is continuously kept low