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Full Benefit, Free of Charge

It is important to us that the supplier portal gains a high level of acceptance as a communication medium from both sides. This is the basis for frequent use and for a highly efficient purchaser/supplier relationship.

100 % Benefit, 0 % Costs

As a supplier, you can use all of POOL4TOOL’s WebEDI processes for free, e.g. when you receive a request or an order from your customer, and then return your offers, contract confirmation, or advanced shipping notice. You will then receive access via the POOL4TOOL web platform.

From ERP to ERP System

You also have the option of connecting your ERP system with POOL4TOOL to set up a continuous end-to-end process with your customers. In this case, we would help you to complete the back-end integration, and would set up an EDI connection with POOL4TOOL and with your customers.

As soon as this process is set up, you may use this connection with as many of your customers as you wish, providing they are also working with the POOL4TOOL platform. If the data format and transfer paths are the same, there are no additional monthly fees.

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