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From the First Meeting to the Invoice

Your customers are using POOL4TOOL to re-engineer their processes. How does this help you? The POOL4TOOL Supplier Portal is your central point of interaction with your customers.

What Benefits Can POOL4TOOL Offer Suppliers?

Whether for bids, individual orders, delivery call-offs from a year-long contract, or the invoicing process, you can use POOL4TOOL’s solutions to simplify and clarify the entire process from the first contact all the way to the final invoice. Whether you are a supplier for special parts for production, a catalog supplier for C-parts, or a distributor with full EDI integration: As a supplier, you have many options for communicating with your customers using POOL4TOOL. Our users come from a variety of branches and sectors, and are all active on our platform. More than 60,000 transactions on average are completed daily on POOL4TOOL.

Your Benefits

  • Standardize tendering, ordering, and invoicing processes
  • Centralized log for documents and information
  • Current, standardized information exchange with purchasers
  • Eliminate time-consuming editing and double drafting
  • Ensure sales potential using a central supplier profile within corporations