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Flexible and Secure

Possible EDI Data Transfer Types

  • AS2
    This type of data transfer has been developed especially for E-commerce. The sender receives a digital notification of receipt from the AS2 protocol, a so-called MDN (Message Disposition Notification), that can be used as proof of on-time deliveries.
  • HTTP(S)-Post
    The data transfer either takes place via HTTP or HTTPS with the standard method “post”. In order to determine the identity of the sender, either a certificate or a username with a password can be used as means of authentication.
  • (S)FTP
    Data transfer occurs using an FTP protocol. The client either operates an FTP server that is intended for data exchange themselves, or they can use our FTP server for data exchange.
  • X.400
    If your business partner can only receive or send data using an X.400 mailbox, we can set up an X.400 mailbox for you.
  • VAN
    Data is transferred via GXS. You can send your and receive your files via your existing GXS mailbox.
  • OFTP via TCP/IP
    After the exchange of Odette-IDs that have been issued by the Automotive Industry organization, you can exchange EDI data in both directions.

GDP-EDI Client


If you cannot use any of the data connections listed above, you have the alternative option to install GDP-EDI Client. Client is used as an application on a local computer ad sends standard documents, such as csv, PDFs or Excel Documents, which normally cannot be transferred via EDI, in a standard format to the POOL4TOOL EDI platform. This allows your suppliers who do not have EDI capabilities to be connected via EDI.