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Introducing Electronic Data Exchange For Supply Chain

POOL4TOOL Electronic Data Exchange (EDI) is fast electronic communication for you and your suppliers. You can use it to exchange documents and files of any type and size with suppliers and business partners. POOL4TOOL has teamed up with Global Digital Post, the EDI experts, to offer the right communication for supply chain.

Simple: EDI can handle any file of any size and any type. POOL4TOOL also has the best ERP integration on the procurement software market. So you only ever need to work in one system.

Fast: You no longer have to collect data by email, fax, or post. Instead, find what you need from your suppliers and colleagues updated in the system. This saves time, prevents errors, and reduces costs.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • WebEDI and EDI from a single source
  • Stay connected with all of your business partners
  • Exchange documents, regardless of their format
  • Fast and affordable implementation
  • No doubled data entries
  • Calculable costs
  • Easy access to POOL4TOOL network

Download the factsheet to learn more about EDI and prices.

Still contacting suppliers by email?

Are you using email, paper, fax, and post to communicate with suppliers? This is slow and disorganized, costing businesses billions in process costs every year. Not only that, but it is a major risk to data security if you are not using a professional secure system.