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Best Practice in Manufacturing

Do you make your money in one of the challenging manufacturing industries? Then you will certainly agree that your competitive environment is more dynamic than in other industries. With 15 years of experience and working with over 220 market leaders from mainly manufacturing industries, we understand your needs. Unlike any other IT provider on the market, we focus on the demands of direct procurement and support its complex processes with specific features & functions.

Why? Because it’s the very core of your purchasing organization where the important decisions are made and the real savings come from.

Expertise for Your Industry

Our Best Practice solutions are put to use in nearly all industries. Due to a innovation-driven environment, short reaction times and a high degree of maturity for the IT solutions used, manufacturing companies in particular find a partnership with POOL4TOOL ideal. Industry-specific processes often play a crucial role: global supplier lists, APQP and 8D reports in the automotive environment are included as well as unique supplier qualification processes in plant construction and engineering. Pharmaceutical, medical technology and food/beverage companies in contrast, have strict quality requirements and hygiene regulations which POOL4TOOL helps them to fulfill. For these reasons many Fortune 500 companies choose our All-in-One solution. 


There is no other industry where purchasing is so highly organized as it is in the automotive world. Here it is not just about procurement but about viewing the entire holistic supply chain. Optimization takes place along the entire supply chain. See more on Automotive

Consumer Goods

Flexibility and price are often what determine the competitiveness of companies in the consumer goods industry. Rapid response to changes in customer behavior is essential. Purchasing must be aligned accordingly. See more on Consumer Goods

Medical Technology

Worldwide, there are few suppliers who meet the high standards of medical technology companies. In addition they have to cut costs. This lends added importance to the questions of strategic supply base management and quality assurance processes. See more on Medical Technology Sector


Individual customer requirements, high-tech products, unique suppliers, a plethora of parts. Purchasing departments at engineering organizations must overcome the hardest of challenges in the industry using holistic IT-enabled solutions. See more on Engineering

Plant Engineering

Purchasing is one of the major cost leveraging tools in plant engineering. Rising raw material costs and procurement market bottlenecks are on the daily agenda for global sourcing. Early involvement of purchasing in the product development process is a valuable optimization approach. See more on Plant Engineering