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Quality Management at the Highest Level

By linking upstream and downstream modules with POOL4TOOL you not only optimize processes in purchasing, logistics and development, but also your entire quality management. Integrating the quality manager in your supplier management (SRM) is simplified with an SaaS solution. When quality is integrated into the registration process, the quality of master data is automatically increased. Having a say in supplier selection will also expand the role of quality management. Automated workflows replace the manual release process, which may take place at multiple levels. 

Putting POOL4TOOL simultaneously in place for quality and supplier management (SRM) achieves valuable synergies, as information is taken from each module and implemented into processes, such as supplier evaluation. Supplier performance is an important factor in supplier management, which is why regular supplier assessments and ongoing supply development is necessary. 

POOL4TOOL increases the degree of automation and transparency of quality processes in your company by eliminating error-prone steps and recording data centrally. The integration of suppliers simplifies the overall communication and electronic exchange of complaints, 8D reports, etc.