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Development and Purchasing Combined

For manufacturing companies purchasing is traditionally a design driven, i.e. the majority of production costs are already determined by the specifications. The focus of development lies within the product development process. Without integrating purchasing, the cost aspect is not adequately considered. In addition to involving purchasing early on, it is equally important that the development department has all the information they need related to approved suppliers. Integration of supplier can be simply done via the portal. Exchanging large documents via E-Mail is completely eliminated by controlling documents centrally via POOL4TOOL (Document Approval Exchange). 

The operational and central data availability with POOL4TOOL also supports your platform strategy. This aims to build on a base model with defined technical specifications with creating cost-savings of all variants. Using the integrated product cost calculation system (PLC) in POOL4TOOL, you can control all costs of the product idea throughout the entire product lifecycle. Thus the needs of product development and the calculations from purchasing can be merged in a unique way.