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Beyond Departmental Boundaries

The topic of procurement affects much more than the purchasing department and is strongly intertwined with many other business processes. The standard procurement process begins with a request and ends with an invoice in the finance department. The most interaction occurs between the purchasing, logistics, quality and development departments. Interdepartmental work requires clearly defined interfaces and coordination. As a cloud-based SaaS solution POOL4TOOL provides transparent communication processes with centrally accessible data, available across departmental and global boundaries. By linking with upstream and downstream modules you can optimize your processes in purchasing, logistics, quality management and development with POOL4TOOL. 


POOL4TOOL on one hand optimizes operational procurement processes and on the other supports the implementation of complex global sourcing strategies. Thus the All-in-One Supply Collaboration Platform covers all basic topics regarding purchasing. See more on Purchasing


POOL4TOOL often heavily supports logistics departments with automating operational processes and optimizing the communication with suppliers. See more on Logistics


POOL4TOOL increases the degree of automation and transparency of quality processes in your company. The integration of employees in the quality department with your supplier management (SRM) brings processes such as supplier evaluation and development to the next level. See more on Quality


With POOL4TOOL all needs of global product development are merged with those of purchasing in a unique way. The increased integration of development with purchasing evokes a synergy effect. See more on Development