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Solution Oriented

The All-in-One Supply Collaboration platform POOL4TOOL is the industry and cross-departmental solution for increasing efficiency through improved communication and streamlined processes - for procurement departments and suppliers. 

One Solution for Ongoing Processes

We believe in the efficiency of continuous processes. Our All-in-One Supply Collaboration platform is based on four pilars that represent all major areas and processes in purchasing




A Central Interface to your Clients

The solution POOL4TOOL supports suppliers throughout the entire collaboration with their customers - from the presentation of the scope of services to the invoicing: transparent communication, processes without media breaks and centrally available data is included. 


Manufacturing Best Practice

Our best practice solutions are built for use in all fields. Due to our innovation driven environment, short reaction times or the high degree of maturity of IT solutions, manufacturing companies find particular optimality in partnering with POOL4TOOL. We focus on the following industries: 


Benefits Across Departmental Boundaries

The topic of procurement extends throughout the entire company. The main points of contact exist in this case between the departments of purchasing, logistics, quality and development. As a cloud-based SaaS solution with an extensive product portfolio POOL4TOOL enables cross-departmental work and enterprise-wide benefits. 


Flexible, Integrated and Secure

Technological advances and innovation are key factors for us in creating integrated solutions with added value for customers. As a technology leader and pioneer of electronic procurement, we offer our eSolution as a Software as a Service (SaaS) with the highest level of ERP integration in a highly secure system environment.