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Supply Chain Risk Management

Protect Your Supply Chain From Risk

Are you exposed to supply chain disruptions?

Floods, strikes, raw material shortages, accidents. An incident in the global supply chain can halt on your production line - causing your company to hemorrhage revenue. How can you protect your supply chain and mitigate risks?

Supply Chain Risk Intelligence At Your Desk

POOL4TOOL integrates risk intelligence deeper into its software than any of its competitors. In partnership with experts riskmethods, it shows risks from natural disasters, strikes, political instability, and a range of other factors, in an easy-to-read map display.

When and where you need it: Risk intelligence is integrated into SRM, SCM, and eSourcing when and where you need it. Even better, you can identify risk beyond tier-1 suppliers.

React fast: Set alerts and notifications triggered by events and trends so that you can react as soon as a risk threatens your supply chain. You can also assess risk when sourcing and selecting suppliers, to make informed decisions.

What You Get When You Use riskmethods in POOL4TOOL

  • The deepest integration of supply chain risk data on the market
  • See risk areas geographically in your supply chain on a map display
  • Updated by risk experts in real time
  • Alerts and actions so you can take action as soon as a problem occurs

Integrate For Even Better Results