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Control Purchasing at All Times

Using Smartphones and Tablets for day-to-day activities is not going away anytime soon. For many people electronic data retrieval is also part of daily routines and more and more departments want their own mobile applications. The advantages are obvious: regardless of time and place business processes can be easily accessed and monitored. 

Especially in purchasing, where business processes often need to be processed promptly, the new POOL4TOOL App now gives purchasing managers and decision makers a mobile alternative. For example, important functions of the POOL4TOOL SRM Portal can now all be carried out using the iPad. With this app you have a complete overview of your supplier data and can get a complete insight into activities, product groups and personal details with the click of a button. Directly using your mobile device, activities can be created and stored for the respective person. The location of your supplier can also be displayed clearly on a map. Thus, you can - while on the way to suppliers - learn about ongoing development or certificates, and if necessary, download their profile. This is also available offline, if internet access is limited. This guarantees a smooth working process. 

The Newest Technology

The POOL4TOOL App is optimized for the Apple iOS 7 operating system. The easy navigation and user interface in the Apple design promise a high user acceptance and comfortable use of the app. In addition to usability, safety was also a focus when developing the app, which is why data is encrypted when being transferred and stored.