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POOL4TOOL Workflow Engine

POOL4TOOL’s Workflow Engine is available as an integrated part of POOL4TOOL in each module where event-controlled activities and/or data changes with or without user intervention should be carried out. Individual processes from the Purchasing DepartmentLogisticsDevelopment and Quality are combined in ONE software solution to form a continuous process chain – the Workflow.

Our Workflow Engine serves as a clear advantage over isolated applications from different providers for each department.

Flexible Configuration – Flexible Application

The scope of POOL4TOOL’s Workflow Engine is ample. Inquiry and order processes, clearing, authorization, complaint, request for leave and ITIL processes – you decide which information flows you want to display in a uniform workflow across all department and company boundaries.

Your Benefit

  • Reduced processing time
  • Standardized, fixed process
  • Structured processing of predefined processes
  • Reduction of process and personnel costs
  • Complete transparency
  • Automated process analysis
  • Clear responsibilities
  • Measurable cost savings
  • Increase of process quality
  • Parameter-dependent process integration of any number of persons
  • Parallel and/or serial processing of multilevel authorization workflows
  • Elimination of mail-based coordination process
  • Optional ERP integration

Special Highlights

  • No media interruptions between systems and departments
  • Reduced processing times
  • Customizing for your requirements instead of standard solution
  • Flexible configuration without engagement of IT department, even during running operation
  • Full transparency and automated documentation 
  • Automated reminders and messages
  • Full ERP Integration