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Analytics | KPI

Having Problems?

Do you use multi-ERP? Is it difficult to keep track of KPIs across different systems?

Introducing Intelligent Analytics

POOL4TOOL Analytics helps you see Key Performance Indicators from procurement, logistics, development, and quality. Powered by Qlikview, Analytics shows information from POOL4TOOL and your ERP instantly. So you can identify trends for Procurement controlling.

Improve your data analysis and make your business processes more transparent. With these new insights, you can make the right decisions for your strategy. In addition, you can customize reports and KPIs to your needs. With drill-down, every user can create their own reports for their own needs.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • All POOL4TOOL and ERP data in one dashboard
  • See KPIs and trends
  • The search results you want with associative search
  • Data updated daily
  • Compare data with different diagrams
  • Quickly investigate causes of trends
  • Measure procurement performance
  • Much faster reporting processes

Download the factsheet now to learn more about Procurement Controlling.

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