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Supplier Scorecard

Having Problems?

Do you find it difficult to develop and measure supplier performance ratings that include both soft and hard criteria? Is it hard to get feedback from different colleagues?

As a result, you might end up taking corrective actions late or not at all.

Introducing the Intelligent Supplier Scorecard

pure Supplier Scorecard is the most powerful tool for rating supplier performance on the market. It takes hard assessment criteria from other POOL4TOOL modules or ERPs and other systems. And it also collects assessments of soft criteria from your colleagues.

Ideal for Direct Materials Procurement: Decide which performance metrics are important for which categories. You can then develop category rating models with their own weighting schemes.

Improve supplier performance: You can develop bonus-penalty schemes for your suppliers based on assessments. Also, connect this to Supplier Development and eRFx to incentivize improvements in performance.

Easy to run: Automations and workflows help you easily assess your suppliers several times a year.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • Multi-ERP integration to automatically collect all important hard facts
  • Remind colleagues to report using workflow notifications - and they don’t even need a user account!
  • Communicate performance assessments to suppliers and turn them into action plans and improvements
  • View results by plant or category - or by another factor

Download the factsheet now to learn more.

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