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Having Problems?

Are you collecting lots of information on a small number of suppliers? Or just basic information about all your suppliers?

You could be missing insight into your supplier base. So you could be missing the best savings or making the wrong decisions.

Introducing Intelligent Supplier Registration

POOL4TOOL Supplier Registration is the most complete and flexible solution for registering suppliers.

Self-registration takes the work out of collecting information. You can use custom forms to collect general and category information. And you can ask selected questions to suppliers in a particular country, region, or city. In addition, two-step registration helps you disqualify suppliers that are not right for you. Also, you can get more information about suppliers that look promising.

Approval workflows are easy to tailor to your company, the way you want them. What’s more, suppliers keep their own data up-to-date and upload new certificates themselves.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • Flexible registration questions and approval workflows
  • Search easily
  • Connects with follow-on processes in POOL4TOOL
  • Avoid errors and duplicates with Dun & Bradstreet

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