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Supplier Database

Having Problems?

Is your supplier information out-of-date? Is it in several different places? Do you find it difficult and chaotic to manage?

Introducing the Intelligent Supplier Database

The POOL4TOOL Supplier Database is the ideal foundation for strategic SRM. You can connect, integrate, and scale it.


With advanced search, you can even search across different ERPs. You can also use master data management so that your vendor master data stays in great shape. What's more, the supplier database helps you manage suppliers in line with your category strategy. So you have full and accurate information about your suppliers at all times.

    Discover These Powerful Features

    • Works with multi-ERP - in both directions
    • Works with Dun & Bradstreet finance and credit data
    • You can extend the data model beyond the standard, so you can build the database you need
    • Connects to downstream processes in POOL4TOOL
    • Use Master Data Management to keep your database in great shape
    • Full 360° view of supplier data

    Download the factsheet now to learn more.

    Integrate For Even Better Results