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Documents & Certificates In SRM

Having Problems?

Do your colleagues in Procurement and Quality Management spend too much time requesting and checking documents and certificates from suppliers? Does the paper mountain make it difficult to assign the right suppliers, categories or orders? Are you lacking an overview of your documents and their statuses?

Introducing The Intelligent Solution For Documents & Certificates

Whichever documents or certificates you exchange with your suppliers: we have the right solution to help you manage them quickly, easily and securely and to integrate them in your Procurement processes. POOL4TOOL lifts the burden from buyers, quality managers and suppliers, because they no longer have to manually send, track, review and record documents.

Supplier Certificates

pure Certificate Management helps you collect all your supplier certificates during supplier registration or from the DAE module. With automatic alerts, you will never again miss a deadline or certificate expiry date. If a certificate is missing or expired, this automatically starts corrective processes, for example in supplier classification, supplier status or TVO analysis.

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Supplier, Category & Material Documents

pure Document Approval Exchange (DAE) is your central platform for sending and receiving supplier, category and material documents and for managing document approvals. Your suppliers can easily access important documents online. They can also edit, print and accept them with the click of a mouse. You no longer have to send large amounts of data. Now, there is nothing stopping you from speeding up your internal approval processes.

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Purchase Orders & Items

With pure Attestation Management, collect all the documents you need from your suppliers online. If inspection plans in your ERP say that you need attestations, POOL4TOOL automatically requests these in the supplier portal. The system ensures that these are linked to an order or item. The solution is ideal for managing the large volumes of inspection and test reports required in mechanical engineering.

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goods issue documents

Goods Issue Documents

pure Goods Issue Documents makes it easy for suppliers to upload documents for a purchase order directly into the supplier portal or supplier upload area. Once you have approved the goods, the system starts the process of goods receipt posting and inspection lot approval in ERP.

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Contract Management

POOL4TOOL is the only contract management software tailored to Direct Procurement. Tedious browsing through folders and file cabinets is now a thing of the past. With pure Contract Management and 100% ERP integration, you can access reliable, useful information in real time.

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