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Category Management | Lead Buyer

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How good are your category strategies in practice? In no other Procurement activity is the gap between planning and implementation greater. There can be many reasons for this: processes are unstructured, there is a lack of transparency, strategies lack relevance to actual day-to-day requirements or the technology is not right - or not there at all. This is shame because it means that Procurement cannot implement operational processes, or can only do so with great effort. This results in significant unused potential.

Introducing the Intelligent Category Management Solution

Maximize your potential for better procurement decisions and real savings with pure Category Management.

The dashboard is the perfect tool for buyers, ensuring that they never again lose sight across their categories and stay one step ahead of the competition when it comes to information. Increase transparency in all categories and implement category strategies globally with the intelligent solution.

For even better results, integrate pure Category Management with other POOL4TOOL modules, in particular with tenders and supplier management modules.

Learn how to systematically find the right strategy for every category!

Discover These Powerful Features

  • Category management based on data and facts from all modules
  • Monitoring and analysis of strategies for continual improvement
  • Global implementation of lead buyer concept for optimum results
  • Long-lasting, structured optimization of categories and supplier portfolios
  • Identification of strategic categories with ABC analysis


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