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Supplier Management: from initial contact to partnership


SRM Portal

Having Problems?

Is your supplier base unclear? Is your SRM a lot of effort?

You could be missing out on savings. And you could even be making costly supplier mistakes.

Introducing the Intelligent SRM Solution

The POOL4TOOL SRM Portal brings together all your supplier information into one dashboard. Get the best value from the market with the 360° view. Even better, do this across the entire supplier lifecycle, from onboarding to phase-out.

More at your fingertips: Get expert insights from D&B and risk & CSR experts and see supplier scorecards and TVO recommendations all in one place.

One database: In addition, the POOL4TOOL supplier database works with your ERP systems. Due to master data management, you can stop duplicates without any effort. So that your database stays clean and easy to use.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • Connect to ERP - in both directions
  • 360° Supplier Cockpit, including supplier performance, risk management, and CSR ratings
  • Alerts and notifications triggered by events and trends
  • Category-driven supplier processes, including onboarding and KPI measurement
  • Your SRM stays in great shape with Master Data Management
  • Connects to other POOL4TOOL modules, so you can keep working in one system

Download the factsheet now to learn more.

The Complete Package




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