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Soft Auction

Having Problems?

Do you request prices for low-value items again and again? Are you not sure if you are getting the best savings?

This is time-consuming. And sometimes reverse auctions like eAuctions are not the right fit. What's more, if you can't compare suppliers in the sourcing process, you could be missing out on savings.

Introducing Intelligent Soft Auction

POOL4TOOL Soft Auction is RFx - enhanced with reverse auction functionality. Bringing together the best of both worlds, there is no other solution like it on the market.

Perform your RFQ - with a twist. Suppliers can see how their offer compares to the competition with a traffic light or ranking. They can then revise their offers at any time - without you having to request new quotes.

Fast and effective, this eliminates the need for formal discussions and speeds up the shortlisting process. Even better, you can achieve even more savings in the long run. Because Soft Auction gives suppliers the market view they need to improve their prices and offering.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • You can connect Soft Auction to Pure eSourcing and RFx. So you can perform Soft Auctions in step with your category strategy. You can also use it with Cost Breakdown and our Award Scenario Manager.
  • Outstanding ERP integration and multi-ERP capability
  • See and understand prices and price changes on a graph

Download the factsheet now to learn more.

Integrate For Even Better Results

  • eRFX: Get the best savings in combination with tendering
  • eCatalog: Transfer the auction results directly into a catalog
  • Document Management: Exchange certificates, documents, and drawings easily and store them in one place