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Global Price Management

Having Problems?

The full purchasing power of your company helps you negotiate better prices worldwide. You find a great offer and now it's time to localize prices.

But are you having problems because costs differ one location to another? Calculating these is time-consuming and complex. And differing costs make your spend less transparent. Have you made the right Sourcing decision?

Introducing Intelligent Global Price Management

POOL4TOOL Global Price Management takes the effort out of localizing prices. So you can negotiate core costs globally, and include local conditions and add-on costs at the same time. As a result, the whole company profits from lower prices and better conditions immediately.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • Make the most of savings by bringing needs together
  • Realize your negotiated agreements more quickly, so that you can save time
  • Make cost structures transparent to find new savings and identify what you can improve in your supply chain
  • Better data and facts, so that you can negotiate better prices

Integrate For Even Better Results