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Cost Breakdown Analysis

Having Problems?

Do you buy commodities or semi-finished products for manufacturing? Are changing commodity prices a problem?

Dynamic markets and changing prices are the new norm. It is hard to stay ahead of the curve. You can even miss out on savings when prices drop. But you can be sure that your suppliers will raise prices when commodity prices increase!

Introducing Intelligent Cost Breakdown Analysis

POOL4TOOL Cost Breakdown Analysis helps identify and track cost drivers. So you never miss out savings when commodity prices drop. Moreover, you can see price increases coming in advance. You can then make the right decisions to re-engineer, switch raw materials, re-source, or re-contract. This is actionable intelligence so that you can act with impressive agility.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • Tailor your CBD to each of your categories
  • Track and benchmark cost drivers against the market using market indices or your own from your RFx
  • Create action items: Resend to market after RFx in one click, so you can receive new offers when the market improves
  • The option of coaching to help your buyers become Cost Breakdown pros

Download the factsheet now to learn more.

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