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Sourcing’s mission is to deliver real savings and real value to business.

But do you spend too much time looking for documents and on the phone? Would you rather focus on strategy and execution instead?

Because of this, your process costs are increasing and strategic activities aren't getting the resources they need. As a result, you could be missing out on savings because you don't have the transparency you need to compare supplier offers.

Introducing the Intelligent Sourcing Solution

POOL4TOOL Pure eSourcing helps you to make the best strategic decisions. The solution takes manual workload off your hands while delivering true value.

Easier Sourcing: With Pure eSourcing, you can use and re-use negotiation templates to reduce cycle times. What's more, POOL4TOOL has out-of-the-box ERP integration. There is no other provider on the market that has better ERP integration.

Better Sourcing: POOL4TOOL is the only true platform for Direct Materials Sourcing. Pure eSourcing gives you a 360° view of transparent price and non-price information. So you can make the best possible decision for your category.

Value-based Sourcing with POOL4TOOL helps you build an advanced Procurement function and achieve so much more. Learn more about Value-based Sourcing.


Discover These Powerful Features

  • Direct Material Focused cost breakdown bidding & analysis
  • ERP Integration
  • Negotiation formats for different categories
  • TCO and TVO analysis with supplier scorecard data
  • Award scenario manager
  • Online or offline supplier bidding
  • Fully globalized

The Complete Package