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Service Order Highlights

  • One solution: 
    POOL4TOOL allows you to process purchase orders for materials and services, as well as performance records from external service providers using a single tool.
  • Complete ERP integration: 
    In order to avoid duplicate entries, the POOL4TOOL service order is completely integrated into your ERP system. Your suppliers can see their bill of quantities from the ERP system directly in the portal and can inform you of completed tasks or sub-tasks and other changes immediately.
  • Workflow directed approval processes: 
    Each task and corresponding labor costs provided by the supplier can go through an automatic approval process. This reduces the time you spend on coordination, and speeds up the entire process overall.
  • Register hours worked without bill of quantities
    Services that are not based on a bill of quantities, such as consulting hours, can also be entered easily at set intervals in POOL4TOOL and can be entered in the ERP system automatically once they have been released.