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Long-Term Supplier Declaration Highlights

  • Full ERP Integration: 
    All relevant data collected by the supplier in POOL4TOOL are automatically synced with your ERP system and updated in the purchasing records. With this your ERP system will always have current values.
  • Historical Values: 
    The historical value of the material are shown deactivated by default when you open the declaration mask. The supplier can simply override this if necessary or leave it unchanged, thus saving valuable time in completing the declaration.
  • Material Compliance Information (MCI): 
    In contrast to SAP, an enhanced long-term supplier declaration can be requested if needed within POOL4TOOL. In addition to the preference calculations, suppliers with long-term declarations can register for even more information, such as: safety data sheets, GHOST certificates, RoHS and REACH compliances, WEEE directives on machinery, manufacturer ATEX statements or ATEX documents.
  • Country Specific Customizing: 
    Depending on the origin country of a material, the preference zone in POOL4TOOL is automatically present with the preferential conditions, which can not be changed by the supplier. This prevents incorrect entries and increases the quality of your data.
  • Advanced Filter Options: 
    In contrast to SAP, the data entry of any supplier or material can be quickly and easily displayed in POOL4TOOL using the search function.
  • Comprehensive Reporting Options: 
    POOL4TOOL offers comprehensive analysis and reporting functions for the collected information, for example, the maintenance status for each material or the response time of a supplier.
  • Data Import/Export: 
    All data can be exported to Excel by the purchaser or supplier.