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Having Problems?

Would you like to expand kanban to more of your spend? But is supplier communication an obstacle to your plans?

Whatever is holding you back from scaling kanban, it’s holding you back from savings.

Introducing The Intelligent Kanban Solution

POOL4TOOL Kanban is a digital solution to help you communicate with a wide range of suppliers in real time. Suppliers receive information in a format that is easy to read and process over web EDI. In addition, they can print Kanban cards directly from a purchase order. So when you receive goods, you already have your format and barcodes. This prevents mistakes and speeds up the process. Workflows and automatic notifications make Kanban easy and scalable.

What’s more, POOL4TOOL has the best ERP integration on the procurement software market. This automates your processes and inventory planning and syncs it with your ERP. Based on SAP goods consumption, automate orders once you reach the minimum stock limit. It goes without saying that the system sends the order with Kanban information (e.g. Production Supply Area).

Everything You Need For Better Kanban

  • The best ERP integration on the procurement software market
  • Fast supplier onboarding
  • Reduce errors
  • Workflows tailored to you
  • Integration with the rest of the platform
  • Overview of individual materials and orders from your inventory
  • Integration with Advance Shipping Notice
  • Easy to monitor current and planned consumption

Integrate For Even Better Results