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Handling Unit Management

Are your suppliers delivering goods in the wrong packaging? Does this add to your logistics costs?

The wrong packaging and handling units only lead to needless cost.

Introducing Intelligent Handling Unit Management

With POOL4TOOL Handling Unit Management, you build handling units the way you want. Manage deliveries at whatever level you need: for example, by box or by container. You can build units from single boxes, cartons, and pallets. Then, you can pool them into containers or larger units.   

The module also makes it easy to avoid supplier mistakes. It automatically takes packaging instructions from your ERP and sends it in the purchase order. In addition, the supplier can use Advance Shipping Notice to tell you how they have divided handling units. This information can then be imported into your ERP by POOL4TOOL.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • The best ERP integration on the procurement software market
  • Decide what handling units are to you: boxes, cartons, pallets, contains, and more
  • Integration with Purchase Order Management and Advance Shipping Notice
  • Fewer mistakes and data entry errors
  • Integrated packaging schemes and label printing
  • Each handling unit gets a scannable ID (e.g. EAN 18 or Serial Shipping Container Code (SSCC))

Download the factsheet to learn more about Handling Unit Management.

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