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Document Approval Exchange Highlights

  • Workflow Directed Processes: 
    POOL4TOOL makes it easy for purchasing to coordinate the document exchange and approval processes with suppliers faster.
  • Complete ERP Integration: 
    You can either start the process in your ERP system or in POOL4TOOL by either selecting or adding documents or document changes to be sent to suppliers. The interface between you and the suppliers will be the Supply Base Portal in both cases. The documents are taken in their entirety from the ERP system, meaning that duplicate entries can be easily avoided, and sending document updates between suppliers and buyers manually is no longer necessary.
  •  Automatic Notification Processes
    If a supplier does not respond to a notification by the given deadline, or if a document (e.g. certificate, long-term supplier declaration) expires, the system will send an automatic reminder. Manual monitoring and updating is no longer necessary.
  • Multi-hierarchical Data Selection: 
    In order to find all relevant contacts for a document or a document update easily, POOL4TOOL supports automatic data selections. This can be set for each supplier, commodity, type of document, process, or for each material.
  • Linked With All Other POOL4TOOL Modules: 
    Certificate and document management is a central part of many purchasing processes. This is why the DAE module can be fully connected to other POOL4TOOl modules, e.g. Contract Management, Supplier Registration, or RFQ’s.
  • Automatically Version Control
    Documents change over time, which is why POOL4TOOL supports automatic version control. All previous versions will remain edit-proof in the system so that they can be accessed at any time if necessary.