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Document Approval Exchange

Having Problems?

Are you processing documents that need supplier confirmation with email, fax, and post? Does it take a long time for the supplier to sign off? Is your internal approval process long and complicated?

This causes long lead times and high process costs.

Introducing Intelligent Document Approval Exchange

POOL4TOOL Document Approval Exchange (DAE) helps you manage all document approvals with one platform. Your suppliers can see the documents you want them to see in the Supplier Portal. They can check, print, approve, and make changes easily online. So you never need to email large files or spend any more time coordinating with suppliers.

Fast and Secure

Manage norms, quality standards, terms and conditions, REACH/RoHS documents, inspection reports, material safety data sheets, and more. The system is secure to protect data security. You can be sure that documents will only be seen by the people you want to share them with. What’s more, you can keep track of who has approved what with dashboards and notifications.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • The best ERP integration on the procurement software market
  • Easy communication, document editing, and approval
  • Revision-safe documentation of all approvals in one place
  • Easy to update data for material, category, and supplier documents
  • Fast - even for large numbers of documents
  • Workflows, notifications, and dashboards
  • Can be connected with POOL4TOOL Supplier Qualification, Supplier Portal, and eRFx

Download the factsheet to learn more about Document Approval Exchange.

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