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Delivery Schedule and Call-Off Highlights

  • Schedule Monitoring: 
    In order to simplify large numbers of delivery requests communication with your suppliers is online through the portal showing a complete overview of all currently unfulfilled deliveries. Thus, the supplier always knows which deliveries must be met next and the delivery planning is easy to monitor.
  • Call-Off Monitoring: 
    Due to the clear presentation in POOL4TOOL, the purchaser can see a glance of which organizations have already called-off and which are still running.
  • Traceability: 
    Using Version Management you also keep in-demand changes to access old versions of your suppliers and it is easy to compare different versions. Since only the last version is valid, you avoid misunderstandings in communication with your suppliers.
  • Auto Compare Function:
    For running changes and new divisions POOL4TOOL offers the option to compare two delivery schedule items automatically and visually highlight any changes immediately.
  • Workflow-Based Processing: 
    You will always know what delivery schedule the supplier has already viewed. The supplier is automatically reminded via email.
  • Document Integration
    All relevant documents will automatically be transmitted together with the delivery schedule. So you can, for example, attach the applicable packing requirements.