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Dispatch Notification Highlights

  • Print-Ready Shipping Document: 
    Using the integrated document printing feature, you can create all the necessary shipping documents with the click of a button, such as VDA goods tags (with barcode) or individual container labels, delivery notes, or delivery and transfer orders.  POOL4TOOL supports all major barcode formats, both 1D and 2D.
  • Quick and Easy Accounting: 
    If the supplier detects the ASN in POOL4TOOL and the corresponding labels include printed barcodes, a very simple collection of goods is possible on the client side. Using a scanner, all oft he received goods, including all packaging-relevant information can easily be captured and recorded in SAP.
  • Transport Merging: 
    If multiple locations are given by a supplier or service provider, POOL4TOOL offers the possibility of merging multiple deliveries into one shipment.
  • Handling Units: 
    The supplier may specify handling units (HU) based on the material level so that they are added tot he ASN when recording the goods in SAP. This reduces the possibility of error.
  • Multi-Level Packaging: 
    As part of the multi-level packaging a respective logic for multiple packing levels via the SAP packing instructions will be imported. Thus, in the shipping notice or upon delivery all relevant packing instructions can be recorded properly.
  • Integration of Logistics Service Providers: 
    A special feature is the integration of a logistics service as a third party in the procurement process. With POOL4TOOL the latter may, after receipt of the ASN of the supplier any necessary changes to the packaging information, etc.  be made directly in the portal before it sends the ASN to the customer.
  • Factory Drop: 
    If the supplier delivers the goods directly tot he end customer, the appropriate delivery documents can be printed in POOL4TOOL.
  • Integrated Reminders: 
    Depending on your customizing settings, POOL4TOOL automatically generates vendor-specific memories or reminders for overdue dispatch and delivery notes.