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Goods Issue

Having Problems?

Do your suppliers send inspection reports and certificates with goods? Are these difficult to manage? Do they sometimes go missing?

Introducing The Intelligent Solution For Goods Issue Documents

POOL4TOOL Goods Issue is the software solution that makes managing these documents easy. You can specify which documents you need for each material in the material database. Every time you order, POOL4TOOL will request these documents from the supplier.

In addition, suppliers can upload documents directly in the Supplier Portal. The system checks that all the documents are there. If you reject a document, the supplier receives a notification in the system. They can send new information - and the module tracks the changes.

What’s more, POOL4TOOL has the best ERP integration on the procurement software market. So you can update information automatically from your ERP - or to your ERP.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • The best ERP integration on the procurement software market
  • Information security for your documents
  • Save process and transaction costs
  • Easy reporting to track status of orders and documents
  • Automatic reminders and workflows

Download the factsheet to learn more about Goods Issue.

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