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Complaint Management Highlights

  • Complete ERP Integration: 
    Complaints are transferred automatically to POOL4TOOL. Each individual activity from the 8D report is transferred to the ERP system and is updated continuously.
  • Supply Base Management within Quality Management: 
    Quality management can also use POOL4TOOL’s SRM function in order to thoroughly document all supplier-specific agreements. During the complaint management process, each complaint and each 8D report is documented in the SRM portal. Quality management employees can also enter meeting logs, outlines and diagrams, action plans and more to provide their colleagues in purchasing and development with an overview of all the information related to quality control.
  • Complaint Management with Clients: 
    POOL4TOOL allows you to transfer client complaints from the client portal to POOL4TOOL’s complaint management by using 8D report responses, or you can also add data from your own systems and forward it to sub-suppliers. These services are available for most OEM portals within the automobile industry. Alternatively, Lixto Webagent can also be used.
  • Integrate Documents: 
    POOL4TOOL makes it possible to transfer all relevant documents, such as images, error reports, inspection reports, or inspection instructions, from and to the supplier along with the complaint.
  • Information Management: 
    A know-how database can be created automatically in POOL4TOOL based on standardized error lists and the corresponding action points for correcting the errors from each cause. This will help you to avoid repeated mistakes.
  • Integrated Supplier Evaluations: 
    When using POOL4TOOL’s supplier ratings module, you can use available interfaces to give your suppliers access to the results of their current supplier evaluations. Performance indicators reflect the reaction behavior of suppliers during the complaint process.