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8D Report

The 8D report is a central part of the quality management module in POOL4TOOL’s supply base portal and facilitates the written process of complaint management between suppliers and customers. The causes and corresponding action points for each complaint are systematically documented and processed in eight steps. The type of complaint, as well as associated responsibilities and planned action points needed to address the issues will be recorded.

The 8D report, particularly when applied to larger problems, does not always reveal clear causes. This is because many issues are rooted in more than one area. As a result, the 8D report should be completed by at least 3 separate employees from different departments.

Close cooperation with suppliers throughout the problem solving process also provides valuable insight that can be used for regular supplier evaluations.

The steps of the 8D report to VDA (German Association of the Automotive Industry) standards

In addition to completing detailed 8D reports, you can also customize so-called "short responses" (Steps D1-D3) in POOL4TOOL to include corresponding workflows and to comply with your specific requirements. POOL4TOOL’s workflow management system allows you to set multiple event-controlled actions, such as sending automatic reminders if a supplier has failed to look at a complaint, or if they have not entered an 8D report. 

When working through the 8D report, special attention should be paid to the identification of all possible causes in order to provide an accurate record of the problem’s sources, and to explore the root causes of each symptom more carefully. As this is often neglected, potential options for improvement frequently remain untapped.