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Product Lifecycle Costing Highlights

  • Deep Integration: 
    PLC is a critical part of POOL4TOOL Collaboration. After implementing this solution, you will have the option to optimize your processes in purchasing, development, and quality control, and to integrate your ERP solution. You will also be able to include your project partners and suppliers in your processes by using the web-based portal.
  • Cost Planning: 
    We offer multiple analysis options (e.g. ABC analysis) to help you identify the cost drivers of your projects and products. Evaluation and comparisons can be made across one or more periods, depending on the cost types. You can also generate and save target prices, estimated prices, and detailed calculation models for each production method.
  • Cost Simulation:
    POOL4TOOL’s  Product Lifecycle Costing provides you with a wide variety of options for simulation the development of your costs. This allows you to analyze the potential effects of moving locations, changing suppliers, alternative production methods or product varieties. You can also include risk and chance analyses for price changes of raw materials, currency changes or changes in quantity or hourly rates at any time.
  • Target Costing: 
    You can enter a target price (estimated price or detailed calculation model) for each type of cost. If this price is exceeded, an escalation workflow will be launched.
  • Customizing: 
    In order to ensure that all of your needs and requirements are covered in the calculation,POOL4TOOL PLC offers multiple customizing options that allow you to establish a holistic calculation framework, including all types of costs (e.g. material costs, personnel costs, equipment costs, overhead costs, etc.). You can also add other cost types, such as logistics costs or costs associated with individual project steps (e.g. turning, cutting, grinding).
  • Variety Management: 
    You can use all available information from earlier calculations or item lists for new product varieties or newer models, so that you do not have to enter the same data twice for new projects.
  • ERP System and Data Sources: 
    Calculation values that are needed can automatically be transferred from your ERP system or other data sources (e.g. from technical calculations, Excel templates or other POOL4TOOL solutions.
  • Integrate eSourcing: 
    You can use POOL4TOOL Sourcing via PLC to instantly create RFQ’s and send them to suppliers. The received prices from the offers are included in your costing calculations automatically. The process is directed by efficient workflows. This allows you to compare offers from suppliers with your calculation values and to identify cost driers and weaknesses of the offers.