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Product Lifecycle Costing (PLC)

Having Problems?

Is it hard to control costs in product development? Would you like to start product lifecycle costing right from the start?

Up to 80% of manufacturing costs are decided during product development. So if you are not doing lifecycle costing at an early stage, you are missing out on a lot of savings!

Introducing Intelligent Product Lifecycle Costing

POOL4TOOL Product Lifecycle Costing tracks costs from the early design phase to end of product life. It helps you to calculate, analyze, and optimize costs in Product Lifecycle Management. You can work with Bills of Materials, costing options, and simulations in the tool.

The module is the only PLC software on the market available as a web solution. All your employees and project partners can see the project overview anytime, anywhere. You can also functions to identify cost-drivers for your products and optimize resources.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • The best ERP integration on the market - to integrate materials both ways
  • Import BoM as a file or from CAD/CAM & PLM software
  • Integrate across the POOL4TOOL platform to other processes
  • Advanced functionality in cost modelling & calculation
  • Dashboards and reports for real-time analysis
  • Workflows tailored to you
  • Simulation of unit cost changes for raw materials, machine costs, and more

Download the factsheet to learn more about Product Lifecycle Costing.

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