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Document Management

Having Problems?

Do you send important documents by email? Do you lose contracts and other documents? Is it hard to track who has read a document?

You may not realise how expensive disorganized document management is. It results in mistakes, lost labor hours, and data security breaches!

Introducing Intelligent Document Management

POOL4TOOL Document Management is the secure place to keep all your documents. It keeps your documents in order and includes version tracking and history.

The module ensures data security by keeping documents in a secure system. Even better, you can set permissions and track who has seen the documents. And this is not just within your company - you can use it when you send documents outside the company too.

Discover These Powerful Features

  • One place for all documents with managed access
  • Securely send documents without email with limited storage
  • Track and log activities such as access and approvals
  • Tailor workflows to your process and business rules

Download the factsheet to learn more about Document Management.

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