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Purchase Requisition (PREQ)

Having Problems?

Are your requisition processes messy and disorganized? Do you want to reduce maverick buying and unmanaged spend?

If your employees are not using the right requisition processes, your company is missing savings. Not only this but it also exposes your company to risks, including legal risks and fraud.

Introducing the Intelligent Purchase Requisition Solution

pure Purchase Requisition brings together all requisitions in one place. This ensures that you can manage spend on Indirect Procurement and spot purchases. You can ensure compliance by directing demands to catalogs, so employees purchase items that already have a negotiated discount.

Workflows ensure that each requisition follows the right approval path. You can set different rules for different kinds of requisitions and make sure that exceptional requisitions are routed differently. At the end of the process, use POOL4TOOL’s excellent module integration to effortlessly change purchase requisitions into RFQs or POs.

How You Can Benefit

  • Bring together all purchase requisitions in one place, so that all spend is managed
  • Connect with POOL4TOOL RFQ to auto-create RFPs from requisitions and feed results back into shopping carts
  • Excellent ERP integration for easy processes
  • Rich business process modelling to build different processes

Download the factsheet to learn more about Purchase Requisition.

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