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Amazon Business Integration

Amazon Business Integration in eProcurement

Would you like to access millions of items on Amazon from your eProcurement system? No problem - with Amazon Business Integration.

You can connect your eProcurement system directly to Amazon and put the selected items in your POOL4TOOL shopping cart. 

Your advantages:

  • Direct access to millions of items
  • Full integration into the Procure-to-Pay process
  • Maximum transparency across all orders
  • Integration of Amazon items in web search

Step-by-step instructions

You can connect your eProcurement system to Amazon in just a few steps. This is how it works!

1. Enter Amazon as a new supplier
Every item must have a supplier in the purchase requisition. Then enter Amazon as a new supplier in the POOL4TOOL SRM, according to the desired region, e.g. Amazon Germany or Amazon US.

2. Create new catalog
Create a new catalog in POOL4TOOL eProcurement and connect it to the suppliers you have just entered.


3. Register your company on Amazon
Register your own company on the Amazon site. To configure your company, follow the Amazon instructions.


4. Enter company data
Configure your company data (company name, tax number, delivery address, billing address, payment methods). If you are not sure which settings are correct, you can also invite others to edit. You will only need their email addresses for this.


5. Set-up business account (self-service registration)
In the next step, you can configure the interface to your POOL4TOOL eProcurement system. Please go to your amazon business account and chose "POOL4TOOL" as your purchasing system. You will then receive your credentials (user name + password). 


6. Test the interface
Your POOL4TOOL contact person will activate the interface in test mode. You will not be able to order anything in test mode. However, you will receive email notifications as if you had made real orders. You will be able to identify these from the note text in the email header.


7. Test your system and settings
Log in on the POOL4TOOL platform with your own log-in name and then go to the Amazon shop. Transfer your Amazon shopping cart to POOL4TOOL. Complete the approval process. Check in the approval process whether the order has been correctly transferred to Amazon and is now shown in the "My orders" area.


8. Activate interfaces and use Amazon
If steps 1-7 have been successfully, you can now switch on the Amazon integration and use it immediately. Your POOL4TOOL contact person is happy to answer any questions you may have.

You can send any questions about Amazon Business Integration to