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One shopping cart – one requisition – one process - all your needs

e-Procurement Portal

Having Problems?

Is ordering day-to-day items tedious and nightmarish? Do your requisition processes bypass Procurement? Are you struggling to control and manage spend?

This kills Procurement’s ability to get savings, damaging the company’s bottom line.

Introducing the Intelligent eProcurement Solution

pure eProcurement transforms your manual processes into fully digitized Purchase-to-Pay.

Easy to use: Employees use the eProcurement portal as easily as they would shop online at home. If they don't find what they're looking for in the catalogs, they can fill in a free text order form.

Workflows that make sense: You can decide who approves the requisition and in what order. And you can even set different approval workflows for different items or shopping cart values. So the approval workflow for pens is different from the workflow for major capital expenditure.

Automatic: Approved requisitions automatically become purchase orders and go to the supplier. What's more, ERP integration syncs every order in your ERP system.

How You Can Benefit

  • Reduce maverick buying and increase the spend under management
  • Improve compliance and corporate governance
  • Triple the speed of approvals and ordering
  • Make approval processes and orders easier for requisitioners
  • Get savings from your negotiated rates quickly


The Complete Package