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Being the only All-in-One Supply Collaboration platform available, POOL4TOOL’s portfolio includes solutions for over 40 processes from tactical and strategic sourcing, supplier management (SRM), supply chain management (SCM), quality control, and product lifecycle costing (PLC). You can license each of our modules individually and combine them gradually into a central online platform with ERP integration and communicate with your suppliers using the Supplier Portal. This will allow for a cost-effective, efficient, and long-term execution of your sourcing roadmap. 

To help you reach your goals, we provide you not only with the necessary technology, but also with valuable content. Our modules contain pre-defined best practice content from over 10 years of project experience with market leaders from different branches, including concepts, analyses, and reports that your employees can access and use easily.


“Due to its modular setup, supplier platform technology typically allows companies to take a phased approach in implementing and deploying collaboration functionalities. A road map may start with supplier management, then move on to include procurement functions and product information, and then more enhanced analytics.”

Christian Titze
Research Director | Supply Chain Enablers Group
Gartner, Inc.