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09 May 2017

Savings in Purchasing Are More Than Doubled Thanks to Bundling

POOL4TOOL Customers Confirm Added Value from Digital Procurement Processes

Vienna | Munich | Belgrade | Detroit | Dubai | Singapore, May 9th, 2017 – POOL4TOOL, the leading software specialist in digital procurement, conducted their annual customer satisfaction survey and received positive feedback. By digitizing their procurement processes, customers were able to significantly reduce their process and material costs. Customers are relying on the intelligent Procurement platform more and more to connect their purchasing organizations. When asked about the savings they were able to achieve through bundling, customers indicated more than a 100% increase. For POOL4TOOL, the online survey is an important means of measuring customer’s satisfaction with the company’s products and performance. 

Based on the analysis of the most recent customer satisfaction survey, the procurement software vendor POOL4TOOL has received very high marks overall. The software’s contribution to increasing efficiency throughout the company is becoming more and more apparent. When asked about savings that the customers were able achieve with POOL4TOOL, there were noticeable improvements. In addition to being able to reduce material and process costs, customers also benefitted from the improved quality of their processes and improved supplier performance. The savings achieved as a result of bundling and risk prevention were even more significant. Customers indicated that the savings they were able to achieve through bundling and risk prevention increased 54% in comparison with last year’s results. When it came to savings resulting from the improved connection between international purchasing organizations, customers indicated a more than 100% increase. 

New Developments Strike a Chord with Buyers

According to the survey, digital procurement, digital supplier networks and more efficient QM processes are currently the most important issues for Purchasing. A comparison of trending topics with POOL4TOOL’s product roadmap shows that the software vendor has their finger on the pulse when it comes to the issues that matter most to their customers. The intelligent procurement platform covers nearly 70% of customer’s business requirements with its all-in-one tool.

The growing importance of mature QM processes is also evident from the increased use of POOL4TOOL’s QM modules. However, solutions for more efficient supplier management and digital sourcing processes are still the most commonly used. POOL4TOOL is constantly working on new solutions for these areas of procurement in particular. The recently added Global Price Management tool improves global bundling, Savingstracking makes it easier to manage procurement initiatives, and Digital Category Management helps to improve the management of commodities. 

Long-term Partnership

The annual customer satisfaction survey is a way for POOL4TOOL to gauge their customer’s attitudes and opinions towards their products and services outside of day-to-day business. “We value our customer’s openness, because this is the only way for us to make improvements in the right areas,” says Michael Rösch, the Chief Operations Officer at POOL4TOOL. “Constructive feedback is extremely important for the success of future projects and cooperation with our customers.” POOL4TOOL makes regular communication with their customers a priority. The company’s willingness to work together with their clients to solve problems and develop new solutions has led to many successful and long-term partnerships. The customer’s interest in actively working on new solutions is clear: 61% of POOL4TOOL’s customers want to have an active role in further developing the software in the future.

About POOL4TOOL: POOL4TOOL is the intelligent procurement platform. The global leader in Direct Procurement software helps customers get the most out of eSourcing, Supplier Management and more. The all-in-one software can be built step-by-step. Connecting seamlessly to ERP, it uses workflows as unique as its users. With expertise from 15 years of partnership with manufacturing industries, the company is developing cognitive procurement. Over 300 customers worldwide use the platform to connect to a network of more than 300,000 suppliers. Learn more at