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07 March 2017

Increasing Value in Purchasing

POOL4TOOL speaks at Purchasing Summit in Stockholm

Vienna | Stockholm, March 7th, 2017 – POOL4TOOL, a software vendor that specializes in solutions for digital purchasing processes, will be participating in the Source 2 Pay Summit in Stockholm from March 29th-30th, 2017. Purchasing experts from well-known organizations around the world meet at the annual summit in Sweden to discuss challenges and opportunities in sourcing, procurement, and finance within the context of end-to-end processes. Michael Quack, the Head of PreSales at POOL4TOOL, will be leading a round table discussion that will focus on the ways in which Purchasing can achieve more than just savings.

Current challenges facing Purchasing have shaped the conference program for the Source 2 Pay Summit in Stockholm, Sweden. Purchasing experts and decision makers will meet from March 29th-30th, 2017 to discuss the transformation of the global Purchasing organization, the digitization of processes, and the new role of Purchasing as a key, value-adding player in modern companies. The CPO’s, Souring, Procurement and Finance managers of renowned companies will share their experience in key note speeches, focus sessions and round table discussions, where they will discuss new ways to create value.

POOL4TOOL Round Table about Increasing Value in Purchasing

POOL4TOOL will host a discussion round at the Source 2 Pay Summit. Michael Quack, Head of PreSales, will lead the round table discussion about creating value in Purchasing. In Procurement and Supply Chain Management, buyers are not only focused on cutting costs, but also on adding real value to their organizations. “From risk avoidance to quality compliance, best-in-class Procurement organizations now have a 360° function,” says Michael Quack. “The problem in many Purchasing organizations is the challenge of accurately measuring and representing Purchasing’s performance within the entire organization.  We want to shed some light on these obstacles and talk about KPI’s that can help make the value that Purchasing adds to an organization more visible,” Quack explains.

POOL4TOOL Round Table, March 30th, 2017 10:50 a.m.

Generation Value: How Can Procurement Achieve More Than Just Savings?

  • What is value in Procurement and what are its different aspects?
  • What are the main obstacles and hurdles to achieving value?
  • How do we measure value? How can we define KPIs and track performance?

Find out more about the event here:

About POOL4TOOL: POOL4TOOL AG is the global market leader for electronic process optimization in "direct procurement", with locations in America and Asia and over 300 clients. The only worldwide All-in-One Supply Collaboration Platform brings together all process from product development through strategic procurement (sourcing),supplier management (SRM), indirect procurement (procurement), Supply Chain Management (SCM) up to Quality Management in one workflow-based solution. POOL4TOOL offers best practices from successful projects with global market leaders from the automotiveengineering and equipment constructionserial production and medical technology branches, as well as a unique supplier network with over 300,000 connected companies.