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25 April 2017

eProcurement: Digital Amazon Business Integration with POOL4TOOL

Customers get access to millions on items on the Amazon platform

Vienna | Munich | Detroit | Singapore | Dubai, 25. April 2017 - POOL4TOOL, the international market leader in Direct Procurement, is offering customers of its intelligent procurement platform even more value. With the new Amazon Business integration, companies can now access millions of items on the Amazon platform and integrate them into their Procure-to-Pay processes. Customers benefit from the eProcurement solution in many ways, particularly better compliance with procurement guidelines, simple and transparent approval processes and long-term reduction of process costs by up to 40% in indirect procurement. More about Amazon Business.

Even well-established procurement departments with a lot of experience in optimizing indirect categories and perfectly negotiated conditions can miss out on successes - because internal processes are simply too expensive to implement operationally. In almost every company, purchasing is tedious, paper-based and riddled with ways to bypass Procurement, standards and preferred suppliers. The consequence? A lack of transparency and less spend under management. Companies also miss out savings, year after year.

POOL4TOOL implements request and ordering processes for its customers as consistent Purchase-to-Pay (P2P) processes. Requisitioners can use the eProcurement system like a webshop, select the required item from the catalog and put it in their shopping cart. For items that are a little bit different, buyers can use free text orders. Automatic workflows direct different approval routes for different kinds and values of orders. After approval, an order can be automatically generated from the digital purchase requisition and automatically sent to the supplier and the ERP system. POOL4TOOL makes it easy to work with Accounts Payable, because invoicing requirements are followed and invoices can be created directly from approved orders.

Amazon Business: Access to millions of items

Thanks to digital Amazon Business integration, POOL4TOOL customers can now access millions of items on the Amazon platform from their eProcurement system and integrate them into their Procure-to-Pay processes. The integration is presented as a punch-out catalog so that users can access the Amazon website directly from their eProcurement solution and select items. They can then put these items in their digital shopping carts alongside other items from other supplier catalogs. The shopping cart then undergoes all defined approval processes, making procurement fast and efficient. Every order is completely trackable, so that the ordering process always stays transparent. 

The value for the customer is significant, as shown by the first successful test implementations. More about Amazon Business.

About POOL4TOOL: POOL4TOOL is the intelligent procurement platform. The global leader in Direct Procurement software helps customers get the most out of eSourcing, Supplier Management and more. The all-in-one software can be built step-by-step. Connecting seamlessly to ERP, it uses workflows as unique as its users. With expertise from 15 years of partnership with manufacturing industries, the company is developing cognitive procurement. Over 300 customers worldwide use the platform to connect to a network of more than 300,000 suppliers.